Baby Panda's Kitchen Party

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Highly skilled kitchen utensils are invited to the kitchen party, and they will compete on cooking skills. Kids, please come and help!

What ingredients do we need? Let's get vegetables ready first! Cut carrots and tomatoes into slices. What are we going to do with lettuce? Just pick off the leaves!

And then let's marinate the meat. Sprinkle the steak with pepper. How do we marinate the fish? There are scallion and ginger in the kitchen. Spread them over the fish!

Frying pan vs. wok, who is better? Let them compete! Please help the frying pan cook a fried egg. Pick a mold, crack an egg into the pan, and make delicious fried egg!

Now it's wok's show time! Add onions and beef to the wok. Toss and stir-fry. Look! The hot stir-fried beef with onions is ready to be served!

The kitchen utensils are so dirty. Please give them a shower. Squeeze detergent onto the sponge. Apply gently onto kitchen utensils and the stains are all gone!

There are so many bubbles on kitchen utensils. Turn on the shower and flush away the bubbles! We are done with cleaning. Be sure to wipe dry the water stains with a towel!

Who makes the food that is more popular? Come to the kitchen party and find out the answer!

- Get familiar with the kitchen and learn how to cook.
- Personified kitchen utensils to stimulate your interest in kitchen exploration.
- Learn about 6 kitchen utensils: Juicer, clay pot, food steamer, and more.
- Identify 27 ingredients: Bananas, carrots, fish, and more.

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